A.W.A.Y. = Always Welcome At YMCAs

Most YMCAs have an A.W.A.Y.(Always Welcome at Ys) program, which allows members to use other Y facilities when traveling. Ys across the United States and in more than 105 countries will honor your Butte Family YMCA membership card on a limited basis. Please check at the WelcomeCenter for names, locations and phone numbers of the Ys using this program. 

The A.W.A.Y. program is a national program that has the philosophy that when a person enrolls in a YMCA, he or she becomes a member of a nationwide association of people that helps build strong kids, strong families and strong communities.  Therefore, when away from home, on business or vacation, each member will be warmly welcomed by all other participating YMCAs in the United States.

** Participation in this program is voluntary. Some restrictions apply. You will need to have your membership card with you to use another YMCA.