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Excersise in the water is a great way to work out, loosen joints, and improve circulation. The human body is 70% water, so when submerged in water our weight almost dissipates allowing us to move with very little stress on our joints. This is great for those with pain, injuries, and physical therapy needs. It also gives us a very high resistance, so in general no equipment is required to get a great workout. We do have water weights, belts, noodles, step-ups and various other equipment to assist in specialized workouts. See the class schedule for more details and times.

Water aerobics, also called aqua aerobics, use the natural resistance and buoyancy of water against your body to provide a wide variety of conditioning activity. No swimming is required in water aerobics, and flotation devices are used frequently. Water exercise helps increase your energy, stamina and strength -- and it is a healthy way to cool off in the summer. Before starting an aerobics routine or class, check with your health care professional.

Swimming works practically all of the muscles in the body (if you do a variety of strokes). Swimming can develop a swimmer's general strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Regular swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness. It can serve as a cross-training element to your regular workouts. Before a land workout, you can use the pool for a warm-up session. Swimming with increasing effort to gradually increase your heart rate and stimulate your muscle activity is easily accomplished in the water. After a land workout, swimming a few laps can help you cool-down, move blood through your muscles to help them recover, and help you relax as you glide through the water.

There are other psychological benefit to swimming, if you allow it to occur. Relax and swim with a very low effort. Let your mind wander, focusing on nothing but the rhythm of your stroke. This form of meditation can help you gain a feeling of well-being, leaving your water session refreshed and ready to go on with the rest of your day. 


Family Pool

Lap Pool


Hot Tub

Swim Lessons 2014

Under the direction of Mavis Bentley, new swim sessions are soon to begin. With the goal of teaching every child in our community how to swim, Mavis brings 30 years of experience as a master swim instructor and a wealth of knowledge in swim safety and supervision.

Each session is 4 weeks and includes 8 lessons that last 45 minutes each. Register for our Mon/Wed, Tues/Thurs or Saturday lessons now!! Lessons begin at 9:30 am, 4 pm, 4:45 pm, 5:30 pm, and Saturday lessons begin at 10 am.

Contact Welcome Center for class availability.

Register in person at the YMCA

Skill Level
Pike – Eel: Beginners
Ray – Starfish: Beginners with minimal experience
Polliwog-Guppy: Moderate Beginner
Minnow-Fish: Intermediate
Flying Fish-Shark: Advanced

Spring Session 1: Jan 5 - 29
Spring Session 2: Feb 2 - 26
Spring Session 3: March 2 - 26
Spring Session 4: April 6 - 30
Spring Session 5: May 4 - 28
Saturday Session: March 14 - May 2

Butte Family YMCA Aquatic Center

Cost per Session
Member: $55, Non Member: $65

Pre-School Lessons (Age 3-5)
Youth Lessons (Age 6-17)
Adult (18+)

Welcome to the Butte Tarpon Swim Team or BTST for short. BTST is one of the oldest competitive swim teams in Montana and is a member of Montana Swimming and USA Swimming. It was originally known as the Butte America Swim Team. The team has been represented by numerous state, sectional, and zone champions; state record holders; national competitors; and an outstanding group of swimmers, coaches, parents, and volunteers. BTST is also the home swim team of Paralympic gold medalist, IPC world champion, and IPC world record holder Erin Popovich who competed in the Sydney, Athens, and Beijing Paralymic Games. The team has had several persons serve as elected members of the Montana Swimming Board of Directors and has had several members also serve on USA Swimming national committees.

The mission of the Butte Tarpon Swim Team is to promote competitive swimming and develop each swimmer?s abilities to their fullest potential. BTST supports the core values of USA Swimming: Build the Base, Promote the Sport, and Achieve Competitive Success.

At BTST, we believe swimming is fun, friends and fitness; competition, improving skills, reaching goals, and personal challenges; and sportsmanship, building self esteem, and quality coaching. 

Our team values teamwork, sportsmanship, healthy competition, mutual respect, communication, open discussion of ideas, achieving short and long term goals, team pride, cooperation, excellence, problem solving for the betterment of the team, and operating the team with a solid financial plan. Our parents are a fun, supportive and cooperative group who value good communication and open discussion of ideas, serve as volunteers and officials at meets, fundraisers, and team activities; and assist the team to achieve excellence. BTST is a non-profit club governed by an elected volunteer parent board. Parents are welcome to attend monthly board and parent meetings. Parents are always encouraged to be involved with the team.

Our coaches provide opportunities for our athletes to achieve competitive success, excel in and out of the pool, become leaders, achieve short and long term goals, and provide a cohesive coaching staff to meet the needs of all our athletes. Our coaches continue to improve themselves through ongoing training provided by USA Swimming, the American Swim Coaches Association, and other organizations.

Open Swim

Our pools are open to members and their families to use for open swimming at any time we are open. We generally will not turn on either of the slides or the fountain other than the open swim times. We have continuous classes and swimming lessons that will be interupted by the water features, and are staffed accordingly to the pool schedule. If you do come in when there is a class or swim lessons, please be respectful and stay out of their way, and please don't splash or distract them! Read through some of the heads up points on the schedule below.

For the summer months the pools will be open with the water slide and fountain turned on:

Monday - Friday from 1-4 pm and 6-8:30 pm
Saturday and Sunday 12:00-5:30 pm

Swim Lessons

For the summer months the pools will be reserved for swim lessons during the following times
Monday - Thursday 9:00-11:30 AM and 4:15-6:00 PM

Water Exercise Classes

Various classes throuout the days (check out the schedule) will overlap with swim lessons or day camp, and in order to make the best use of the facility we use ropes to seperate portions of the pool to allow everyone a chance to use the pools.

Lap Swimmers

We always have a minimum of 2 lanes available for members to swim laps. The majority of the day there are numerous lanes available, but from 4:00-6:00 we have Tarpon swimmers in lane, swim lessons in lane 1 & 2 leaving lane 3 available for members. This is also a busy time for lap swimmers, and in order to make sure everyone gets a chance to use the pool, please use the circle swim method to share lanes with others.


Is your child having a birthday?

Come on down to the Butte Family YMCA for their party!

Get the kids splashing and kicking in the water to wear off the hype from sugar and excitement.

Our Multi-Purpose Room is great for hosting a party. The room is big enough to accomodate everyone, and there are 4 big windows looking into the Family Pool for parents and grandparents who don't want to sit in the warm and noisy Aquatic Center while the kids are playing.

We have a balcony available for parties as well. There is plenty of room for everyone. It is located in the west end of the Aquatic Center and the balcony overlooks the Lap Pool providing great access to the Aquatic Center.

We currently schedule the parties on the following days/times:

Friday 5-8pm
Saturday 1-4pm
Sunday 1-4pm

FEES: Members ($75 *for a maximum of 17 Swimmers)
Non-Members ($125 for a maximum of 17 Swimmers)
Additional Swimmers ($7 per swimmer)

$50 deposit will be required for booking and cleaning of area. Deposit will be returned upon departure if requirements are met.

Contact the Welcome Center for more information, registering, and any other questions. 782-1266